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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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1. Complete the GlobalPAY Registration & Agreement Form. Form must be signed according to Merchant’s mandate with the bank. If merchant does not       have account with the bank, they may visit any Zenith Bank branch nationwide to open an account  (click here to download GlobalPAY form)

2. Make payment or issue draft in favour of Zenith Bank Plc for the set-up fee. (Please call ZenithDirect on  +234-1-2787000, 2927000,4647000, 070ZENITHBANK or email zenithdirect@zenithbank.com

3. Return duly completed Application Form to E-Business Department, Zenith Bank Plc, Plot 87, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Application     Form may also be sent through merchant’s Relationship Manager/Account Officer.

4. Merchant sends the list of fields /parameters to be captured on the application.

5. Merchant’s module is created on GlobalPAY platform and merchant is notified.

6. Reporting interface is provided to the merchant to enable them view transactions as they occur.

7. Merchant goes LIVE on GlobalPAY application.

8. Awareness is created by both merchant and Zenith Bank Plc.

9. Transactions done on GlobalPAY are settled into merchant’s dedicated account (Please note that the rules of T + 1 or T + 2 i.e. a day after transaction     date applies for local cards and 2 days after transaction date for international cards).


You must be a registered member before you can make payment to any merchant on GlobalPAY.

How to Register on GlobalPAY?

  1. Log in to https://www.globalpay.com.ng

  2. Click on Register

  3. Fill all the mandatory fields. (A valid email address is mandatory as it will be used as your Username).

  4. Submit your Registration Form (a mail is automatically sent to your mail box asking you to activate your profile. Once this is done, your profile  becomes active).

How to Make Payment on GlobalPAY

1. Log in to GlobalPAY (https://www.globalpay.com.ng)

2. Enter your User Name (your valid email address)

3. Enter your password and click Submit

4. Select the category of merchant you want to make payment to

5. Double click on the Merchant’s link

6. Fill all the required information

7. Select the type of card you want to pay with (this connects automatically to your card            

    payment gateway).

8. Enter your card details

9. Enter your MasterCard SecureCode if using MasterCard and VbyV if using Visa cards
   10. Submit your payment (Your payment goes through authorization within seconds and if your payment is successful, a receipt of your payment is displayed

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